Episode Seven: BASIC should have N.H. historical marker

August 14, 2018

Two Dartmouth mathematicians created BASIC and timesharing for computers; Granite Geek thinks they should have a state historical marker. 


Read story on Concord Monitor site. 


Episode Six: Evolution of printing

August 8, 2018

Ron Pike spent 55 years working on the Monitor's presses and has seen a few changes in that time. 


Read article: After 55 years working on printing presses, only a ‘bunged up’ leg led to retirement



Episode Five: Recycling woes

July 31, 2018

As China cracks down on the quality of recycling it buys from overseas, cities and towns in the U.S. have to rethink single-stream recycling operations. 


Episode Four: What’s in a name? Lakes, mountains and hills

July 25, 2018

When does "lake" go before a name and when does it go after? Is there any rhyme or reason? The Granite Geek explores naming geographical fixtures. 


Episode Three: Over-the-air Television Changes

July 24, 2018

Over the next two years, television channels you can access for free with an antenna will be moving around the "spectrum." Granite Geek David Brooks explains. 


Episode Two: Holzhausen firewood stacking

July 17, 2018

It may be 80 degrees outside, but Granite Geek David Brooks (and our readers) are already thinking about firewood. 


Episode One: Sewalls Falls Dam and Powerhouse

July 10, 2018

The Sewalls Falls area of Concord, N.H., is popular today for its wooded trails, boat ramp and riverside beaches, but that wasn't the case 120 years ago. Granite Geek David Brooks looked into the early days and history of the Sewalls Falls hydroelectric facility.